Day 7: World

Creating a Sustainable Future: Reducing Waste and Living Mindfully

Andrea Sanders

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What You’ll Learn

  • Learn the little habits you can shift to make big changes in our world
  • Discover how to renew a sense of value to the things you use, food you buy, and community you live in
  • Hear Andrea discuss how we can be more mindful and connected to what we consume, so that we can benefit ourselves and this planet

About Andrea Sanders

Andrea Sanders lives in Boulder, Colorado and is the founder the nonprofit Be Zero and Space and Pause. She is a TEDx Speaker, BioMindful teacher/advisor, and artist.

Andrea’s background in environmental conservation education and mindfulness spans over 20 years. She supports individuals in understanding more about themselves and how they connect to their world. Encouraging day-to-day ecological responsibility and mindfulness as a way to develop better relationships with ourselves, others, and the world around us. Andrea spends her time inspiring lifestyles that are vibrant and meaningful while offering practical and supportive guidance.

Be Zero is an environmental nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire and educate individuals to dramatically reduce their trash and plastic footprint by incorporating a circular/biomindful mindset into daily life. Learn more at the BeZero website. You can also follow Andrea at her Instagram.

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