Summit Schedule

Each day, the main summit videos will air at 5pm PT | 6pm MT | 7pm CT | 8 pm ET. If you are tuning in internationally, click here to see what time that will be in your time zone. And when you wake each morning, you’ll also find a new Practice Challenge with Dr. Rick Hanson sent to your email (sent by 5am ET daily).

DAY 1: Mind

Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown

Guided Practice - Mindfulness Meditation

  • Join in a guided meditation on the basics of how to practice mindfulness meditation
  • Learn the techniques of breath and posture to begin or refresh your meditation practice

Dr. Rick Hanson

You Are What You Pay Attention To

  • Learn ​the ​neuroscience behind mindfulness, and what's really going on in your brain when you practice mindfulness​ daily​
  • Learn why we need to train ourselves in mindfulness now more than ever
  • Know the two necessary steps to take for lasting learning

Chade-Meng Tan

The Art of Discovering The Happiness Within

  • Understand the relationship between mindfulness, calm and happiness
  • Learn how the default state of the mind is joy, and when we meditate we can return the mind towards this default
  • Discover how to uplift the mind with the heart qualities of love, compassion, and kindness

Joseph Goldstein

Waking Up Through Mindfulness

  • Go beyond “being present” and discover what mindfulness truly means
  • Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine
  • Discover how to stop feeding the emotions you’re resisting
  • Join in a guided mindfulness practice


Acharya Gaylon Ferguson

Guided Practice - Compassion Contemplation

  • Follow along in a guided practice to engage the qualities of kindness, strength, wisdom and compassion

Dr. Christine Carter

Becoming Brave Over Perfect

  • Understand how to cultivate the most powerful positive emotions that lead us to true happiness
  • Discover how to act from a place of truth and authenticity, even when it's not easy
  • Learn a practical 3-step process to shape your habits to make the changes you want in your life

Sharon Salzberg

Real Love Starts with You

  • Discover love as a capacity that can never be taken away from you
  • Understand why self compassion is integral to experiencing real love and connection
  • Join in a guided practice for receiving loving-kindness for yourself

DAY 3: Body

Geneen Roth

The Way You Eat is the Way You Live

  • Discover what can come from us changing our relationship to food to be more curious, attentive, and kind
  • Find out how our relationship to food can reveal the underlying beliefs and patterns that we think about ourselves and how to reshape those into healthy patterns
  • Learn about “fierce kindness” as an approach to making real changes in your life

Dr. Kelly McGonigal

The Feel Better Effect: Movement, Exercise and Mood

  • Learn the science behind mood and excercise and the surprising benefits of even simple movement
  • Understand why the most important thing you can bring to movement is your mindset
  • Discover the power of group movement and how we can apply it to impact the world
  • Learn that movement is more than fitness, and why its is essential to the human experience and well-being

Dr. Jerry Gardner

Embodied Mindfulness

  • Discover how to be more alive and present for your experience in meditation when you drop into the body
  • Explore embodiment as something that is not separate from your daily life
  • Learn from an accomplished martial artist about how you can work with pain in the body
  • Understand what it means to not be at odds with your body and learn to accept yourself, as is, with radical loving-kindness

DAY 4: Home

Dr. Elisha Goldstein

Your Environment Matters

  • Dive into the three most common things that get in your way when making a habit of mindful living
  • Find out how to create a more playful, curious mindset in your life
  • Learn practical exercises to shape your physical and social environment to inspire you

Melody Warnick

This Is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are

  • Find out how to get rooted wherever you are, no matter how long you’ve been there
  • Explore the idea of place attachment and how it can help you uncover what home means to you
  • Discover simple actions you can take to begin loving where you live now
  • Learn why simple acts like "buying the lemonade" can help you invest in and shape your community

Lodro Rinzler

A Fresh Start for the Home

  • Learn how to take the “fresh start” approach to your home – every day
  • Explore how to incorporate the idea of “basic goodness” into your relationship with your home
  • Understand the importance of uplifting your space to uplift your mind

DAY 5: Relationships

Dr. Ali Binazir

Be The Light: Advice for Mindful Dating

  • Understand your infinite potential for love, gratitude, and appreciation
  • Discover how to attract meaningful connections into your life
  • Learn practical advise to help you turn dating into a spiritual practice

Susan Piver

The Four Noble Truths of Love: Bringing Mindfulness into Your Relationship

  • Learn about the four noble truths of love and how they can be applied to your relationship to shape it from a place of mindfulness
  • Hear Susan’s unique perspective on what you should be looking for in romantic partnership
  • Meet every relationship challenge with indestructible intimacy

Susan Piver

Learning to Love Through Heartbreak

  • Understand how we can can learn more about love through the pain of heartbreak
  • Stop running away from your pain, and learn how to move toward it with care, intention, and mindfulness

Kate Johnson

The Power of Friendship

Hear from meditation teacher Kate Johnson on the intersection of friendship and spiritual practice, and how friendship can be a powerful force of social change.

Bruce Tift

Buddhism Meets Love

  • Discover the importance of connection and separateness in a relationship
  • Learn the Buddhist approach to working with challenge in romantic relationships
  • Uncover what's behind the classic mistake in relationships of searching for our “other half” from a renowned psychotherapist

DAY 6: Work

Parneet Pal

Wisdom for the Workplace

  • Learn how to “check-in” with yourself in each moment as you move through your work day
  • Understand how to apply mindfulness to difficult situations at work
  • Learn about the habit loop, and how you can make it and break it
  • Follow along in a guided meditation for you to use in the workplace

Lodro Rinzler

Who Do You Want To Be? Understanding Mindfulness, Work, and Intention

  • Begin to find meaning in your work by living in line with your intention
  • Learn how to truly “show up” at work and start expressing the qualities you want to cultivate in your life
  • Understand why mindfulness for the workplace goes beyond focus, efficiency, and productivity

Acharya Fleet Maull

7 Principles of Mindful Leadership

Learn from Acharya Fleet Maull on the 7 Principles of becoming a Mindful Leader in your community.

DAY 7: World

Rhonda Magee

Putting Compassion Into Action

  • Start to put your personal practice into action to engage with the challenges and beauty of the world more fully
  • Learn how building courageous, resilient communities is the key to coming together in a broader, deeper capacity
  • Learn how we can move toward healing, connection, and reconciliation with an open heart of compassion
  • Take a moment to reflect as Rhonda leads a guided mindfulness practice

Andrea Sanders

Creating a Sustainable Future: Reducing Waste and Living Mindfully

Learn from Andrea Saunders, the founder of the Be Zero Movement, about how we can be more ecologically mindful and produce less waste to create a sustainable future.

Roshi Joan Halifax

Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom Where Fear and Courage Meet

Hear from renowned meditation teacher Roshi Joan Halifax on shaping and maintaining the virtues of empathy, integrity, and altruism.

7 Day Challenge with Dr. Rick Hanson

Day 1 Challenge: Pay Attention

Begin the day by setting the intention to pay attention

Day 2 Challenge: Feel Cared About

Start your day with a guided practice to help you rest on the feelings of love and belonging

Day 3 Challenge: Tune Into Your Body

Tune into the body and be mindful of feeling alright, right now

Day 4 Challenge: Make Your Home Your Refuge

Start appreciating your home as your refuge with this guided practice

Day 5 Challenge: Tune Into Other

Tune into others with mindfulness – starting now

Day 6 Challenge: Make Work Your Offering

Challenge yourself to make your work an offering from the heart, now and everyday

Day 7 Challenge: Expand the Circle of Us

With this guided practice, begin to expand your sense of “us” to include the whole of the human tribe